Just wanting to ask, has anyone used the moshi palmguard in conjunction with the Incase Hardshell case? Does it work? Please let me know. Thanks!

I need to find out since i have the incase hardshell, and it would be a bummer if i bought the palm guard without it fitting on. :)

moshi PalmGuard Palm Rest Protector for Aluminum MacBook

moshi PalmGuard Palm Rest Protector for Aluminum MacBook

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    it will fit just fine. all of the palmrest protectors on the market are not thick enough to interfere with the application of a hardshell cover.

  • I have the palm guard and Speck hard case. I know it's not the same case, but they are similar. Mine fits fine with both of them.

  • Not sure if this will help, but it works quite well with my speck satin case. It's so thin you don't even know it's there. I took my 13" & 17" pro into the Apple store for support, and the tech didn't notice I had the palm guard on, until I mentioned it to her, and she still couldn't tell. It matches perfectly both in color, and fit. It's worth the price to me to protect my $$$$ investments on both my pro's.

  • yes!!! it does the only prob i ran into was the track-pad protector inhibited its sensitivity, so i removed it, but the palm guard is great and works with the cases just be careful removing or installing those cases as the two front tabs have a tendency to snap off, for me the right one especially!