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I'm going to spain with my macbook pro. Do I need a power adapter to step down from 220 to 110, or does the regular charger on my power cord handle that for me?

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    The white box is a built in power converter so you should be fine with plugging it in as long as you have the adapter that changes plug types. You can check to see if other things are converters if it has something like Input: 100-240V~1.5A 50-60Hz. This shows that an electric current of 100-240 Volts can power the converter without problem, which Spain's electricity falls in. If you cannot find this on a product (though most electronics made in about the last 5-10 years automatically convert) or if you feel you would rather side with caution you can but a converter, but only leave it plugged it when you need the power because converters burn out quickly from overheating if you leave them plugged in too long.

  • I just spent the semester aboard in the UK in London. I bought the world travel adapter kit before I left and you just switch the U.S. prong part with the correct european plug style and the charger does the converting for you. I felt very safe using this product, but did laugh when I placed on the London prongs and my charger was funny looking. I had zero problems aboard.