My charger doesn't work with Case. It says: Charging is not supported with this Accessory

I recently purchased this case for the iPad with Retina. The case is great, fits well. I don't have any problem with the magnets. But every time I plug in the charger, it says: Charging is not supported with this Accessory. So I removed the case this morning and plugged it in, and now it's charging fine. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Asked about:  iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

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  • The problem isn't with the magnets or the case, when it says 'charging not supported with this accessory' the accessory isn't the case it's the charger, when you took the case off and checked it, it is coincidence it didn't charge the iPad with the case on and did with the case off and if you wiggle it about a bit it should work