My wife's MacBook is running Tiger 10.4.11. As I understand it, I need to first upgrade to Snow Leopard. Disc drive doesn't work. How 2 upgrade?

I can purchase Snow Leopard from Apple, but can I install the OS by using a second MacBook's DVD drive using a firewire?

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    Snow Leopard can be installed in a variety of ways.

    1) From the internal optical drive (if available)

    2) From an external optical drive

    3) From the optical drive on another PC or Mac on the same network. (If a PC, when you put the Snow Leopard disk in its optical drive, open the folder "DVDCDSharing" and then launch the program "RemoteInstallMacOSX.exe".) (If the other computer is a Mac, insert Snow Leopard DVD and use the "Remote Install Mac OS" which should be in the Utilities folder on the other Mac.)

    4) From a bootable external hard drive or a USB flash drive (flash drive should be least 8GB in size). (Use disk utility to make the flash drive or external hard drive partition bootable. * ) Then, also using Disk Utility, create a DMG file of the Snow Leopard DVD, and then restore it to the USB flash drive or external hard drive. Insert USB flash drive into MacBook (or connect the external hard drive) and start up from it to install Snow Leopard.

    5) From a new small, partition on the MacBook (at least 8 GB in size). Use Disk Utility to create the new partition * . Then, using Disk Utility on another Mac, create a DMG file of the Snow Leopard install disk and either put on a flash stick or copy the DMG file over network to the main partition on the MacBook. Restore the DMG from the file to the new, bootable partition. Start up from the new bootable partition and install Snow Leopard.

    Any one of the above methods should work. For more detailed step by step instructions search for "Remote Install of Mac OS X".

    * In option 4 or 5, to create an Intel Mac bootable partition or flash drive, select the hard drive or flash drive in Disk Utility, click on the Partitions tab, click on the Option button and select "GUID Partition Table" for the partition you want to boot from. Note that GUID should be default format for partitions on internal drives, but you have to specify that format for external and flash drives.

  • Yes, you need to start your wife's MacBook in Target Disk Mode, then use a FireWire cable to connect it to the Mac that has a working DVD drive. Then you can install Snow Leopard on the MacBook with the bad DVD drive.