Retina display MacBook Pro vs 27" iMac for graphic design.

I'm a graphic designer and have always worked on MBP's. I'm about to upgrade again and can't decide if I'm better off getting a new retina display 13" MacBook Pro and a 27" Thunderbolt Display (as I travel around a lot and work in cafes) or keep my current MBP just for travelling and meetings in cafes etc and buy a big old iMac 27" for the office and then just dropbox files between the two. Which do you think is a better/faster option for tonnes of graphics work ie. I have pretty much the whole Adobe Creative Suite on the go at all times :) Thanks.

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

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    I love designing on my iMac, but you can always just grab a screen for your MBP. But if you already have a MBP, you may benefit from the iMac's built in display which people do not realize is a heck of a deal. The 27" iMac screen is about the best you can get for desktop computing. I put a 24" Acer screen on each side of the iMac and I do not want for space. If you already have a mobile computer, just get more for your money and get the iMac. You can even game on them with full settings if you are into that sort of thing.