Start Up Drive via Thunderbolt?

Can this drive be used as a start up drive for a 2012 iMac via Thunderbolt?

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    Absolutely yes!

    1. Use Disk Utility to partition as GPT, and format as Mac OS Extended
    2. Use Apple Disk Utility System Restore to clone your internal drive to external drive, or use OS X Installer to install a clean OS X onto drive
    3. Boot by selecting drive as Startup Disk in Preferences, or press Option key during Restart to select volume to boot from.

    I have a drive that is partitioned into multiple partitions, each with a separate version of OS X installed. This way, I can test apps using different versions of the OS.

    Boots very quickly.

    Once prepared properly, you can connect and boot from either USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt connection.