Can I mirror an Ipad 2 for powerpoint presentations projected by an lcd projector?

I want to be able to mirror my presentations on a ipad 2 to an lcd projector to teach. Is that possible?

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    Yes, Kanex ATV Pro provides an easy way to mirror and stream your new iPad, iPad 2, or iPhone 4S content directly to a VGA projector. It links your projector and Apple TV, so you can view and share information via AirPlay.

    • Answered by Nicholas W from Montevallo
    • Jun 24, 2014
  • I believe so. I have an iPad 3 and I use the Apple TV at my church to stream everything from web pages to bible verse apps to podcasts. When you pull up from the bottom of the screen to enable air play you have the option to turn on mirroring. Doing so will allow whatever is displayed on your iPad to display on the tv. I assume that it will work on an iPad 2, maybe go to the apple store if you have one nearby and see if they will let you try it on one of their units.

    • Answered by Geoff P from London
    • Jun 25, 2014