Can I stream from directv app from ipad to tv?

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  • You should be able to. This is done through AirPlay. You may want to check at a local Apple Store or a friend who already has a third generation Apple TV first. You need to be on a network with an Apple TV to see if the AirPlay icon appears.

    Start in your DirecTV app. While playing back a video, look for the AirPlay icon. If it is available, tap on that and select the Apple TV from the list of AirPlay compatible devices. In a couple seconds you should see the video on the TV.

    If the DirecTV app doesn't have the icon, before you start playing on the app, open the Control Center. In here select AirPlay and select the Apple TV on your network. Start with Mirroring turned off. Then go into the DirecTV app and play a video. It should start playing on the TV.

    If this doesn't work, go back to the Control Center and turn on Mirroring in AirPlay. In a couple seconds you'll see your iPad screen on the TV. Navigate to the DirecTV app and start playing a video. It should start playing on the TV.

    If none of this works, then DirecTV has blocked access to watching their content on the big screen through Apple TV. It would be worth a customer complaint letter to DirecTV and possibly looking into other TV service options.

    • Answered by Jack R from Huntsville
    • Jan 18, 2015