can I use apple tv without a wireless network?

I'm looking for a way to go into various corporate environments and connecting my iPad or iPhone directly to their projector without having to connect to their wireless network. The only way I can do that is via a very long cdmi cable and this is of course not ideal.

Airplay seems to work well, but it seems to require both devices (apple TV and my iPad) connect to the same network over wifi.

What I really want to do is present using keynote by just connecting Apple TV to the projector and connecting over bluetooth.

Can this be done?

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    If you have a relatively recent iPad and iPhone running iOS 7 or 8 and the latest revision model of Apple TV 3 Rev. A (model A1469) with the latest updates, your devices can mirror to the Apple TV without being connected to a network. They use Bluetooth to help locate each other, but the connection is made via peer-to-peer wifi, meaning a direct wifi connection. It works very well. Even if you are connected to the same network, the Apple TV's now attempt to make this type of connection first, because it's faster and more reliable than going through a wireless router and frees up bandwidth.

    • Answered by Tony S from Saint Paul
    • Nov 29, 2014