can I use my computer through apple tv, such as type papers, surf the internet and do projects.

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  • Yes by using the "Airplay" button. You will have to select either "Mirror Built in Display or "extend display". Mirror Built in Display will simply put whats on your computer on your screen, Extending the Desktop will allow you to use your mac and tv as two separate displays; by dragging your window to the right or left of the mac it will transfer it to your TV.

    I have found that using the TV for word documents is some what tedious because of the clarity of the document on the tv.

    Good Luck Ask if you need any more help or tips


    • Answered by David K from San Antonio
    • Dec 28, 2014
  • You can mirror and display content on your computer on your TV - this is not using the computer through apple tv, but displaying what is on the computer on the TV.

    If you have a wireless keyboard it looks as though you are interacting with the tv

    • Answered by Stephen F
    • Dec 24, 2014