Can I use My Macbook as a remote control for my Apple TV

i have lost my remote for the apple TV. I plan to program a universal remote but I cannot turn on the apple tv until I have done so. Can I turn the Apple TV on with my Mac?

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    Yes. Use the 1Keyboard app. It works via bluetooth very well.

    • Answered by Chris S from Arlington
    • Mar 30, 2015
  • Cidertv for mac can control AppleTV.

    • Answered by Danila G
    • Dec 11, 2015
  • 1Keyboard installed on your MacBook will turn on your AppleTV and scroll through the menus.

    • Answered by Alexandra W from Manheim
    • Nov 14, 2015
  • Yes/No

    Your MacBook will be able to turn your Apple TV on, but you need the remote/remote app to navigate the menus.

    As far as programing a remote you need a an infrared remote, you could use an existing remote as well that has unassigned functions (VCR,DVD pretty much anything thats to in use but it must infrared). However in order to do this you do need navigate the menus Setting>General>Remote and select Third Party Remote and from there you just click Start and follow the steps to learn the new remote.

    If you have an iOS device, iPhone iPad iPod, and download the remote app from the App Store, you could use this as a remote or to set up your new remote.

    • Answered by Matt M from Los Angeles
    • Aug 13, 2014