can i use one apple tv on two tvs?

I want to add a tv to the bedroom. The apple tv is set up in the livingroom. Can I connect to the appletv from the bedroom tv? Do I need another router or other devices to set this up?

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    Yes, you can. You will need an HDMI splitter to do that. HDMI out of the Apple TV device to an HDMI splitter, then out of the splitter to the TV's.

    • Answered by Jason J P from North Richland Hills
    • Jul 17, 2014
  • By the time that you spend the money for cables, splitters and so on you could buy another AppleTV

    • Answered by George E from Redwood City
    • Oct 24, 2014
  • Just to clarify the answer: you can use an HDMI splitter to share the output between two (or more) TVs, but you'll need to run HDMI cables from the splitter to each TV. Getting one from your living room to your bedroom might be easy...or very hard! Hope this helps.

    • Answered by David G from Glebe
    • Sep 19, 2014
  • While it is possible to connect one Apple TV to multiple television sets, it is not recommended. For this question, think of your Apple TV the way you would think of a DVD player. Would you connect on DVD player to two TVs? Probably not.

    Your best option is to get a second Apple TV for the second television set. Both Apple TVs can connect wirelessly to your existing home network. There is no need to get a new router. Each Apple TV can gather content from the Internet independently. This way someone in the living room doesn't have to watch content being played in the bedroom, and vice versa.

    In order to run two TVs from a single Apple TV, here's what you're going to need. You'll need to purchase an HDMI splitter. Then you're going to need an additional short HDMI cable to go from the splitter to the living room TV. Then you're going to need an additional long HDMI cable to go from the splitter to bedroom TV. Remember that you're going to have to wind the cable along the walls from one room to the other, which may prevent doors from closing or create possible tripping hazards around the house. Now you're only going to be able to use the Apple Remote that came with the Apple TV in the room where the Apple TV is. It is an IR remote so you need direct line of sight for it to work. In the bedroom, you'll have to use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running the Apple Remote app. When you have it set up both TVs will receive the same signal coming out of the Apple TV. This means that if someone in the bedroom wants to watch a Movie from iTunes and someone in the living room wants to watch Netflix, they are out of luck.

    Instead of all this extra hardware. Buy a second Apple TV. You can set the name of one to be Living Room Apple TV and the name of the other one to be Bedroom Apple TV. Now each audience in each room can use the remote that came with the Apple TV to control it independently. At $99 per Apple TV, this is the most affordable solution.

    • Answered by Jack R from Huntsville
    • Jan 18, 2015
  • Yes you can! Just unplug it from tv 1 and connect it to tv2...SIMPLE!

    • Answered by Chris C from Kensington
    • Oct 4, 2014
  • why not buy another apple tv for the bedroom?... its only 99 bucks

    • Answered by Michael S from Knoxville
    • Oct 19, 2014
  • Same question... different use: I have a limousine with 4 TVs in it. I want all four TVs connected to one Apple TV and the sound system. Mainly to play music videos. It sounds like this is possible via the Apple TV, but would it be easier/cheaper to do it another way?

    Any input will help. Thanks

    • Answered by Michael G from San Luis Obispo
    • Feb 18, 2015
  • The drawback here is the remote is line of sight, so if you have the Apple TV in the lounge and you watch it in the bedroom, you will have to go to the lounge to pause/play/search etc.

    • Answered by Ben C from Melbourne
    • Sep 13, 2015
  • yes

    • Answered by Jorge L from Santana
    • Aug 21, 2014