Can the Apple Tv be used without an Internet connection.

Can i hook up the Apple TV and use my Iphone 4 to watch my Iphone content on the TV. We go camping alot and i would like to take the Apple TV with me and hook up to a projector and watch the pictures and videos we have stored on our Iphone's.

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    To do that wirelessly I think you have to create a "3rd party" WiFi signal that both devices could connect to. That can be done by purchasing a Hot Spot from your mobile provider (I'm with Verizon and its $20/month for 2GB). For the purposes you mentioned in your question this would be more than enough to not incur data overage fees; however, when I had the Hot Spot on my mobile plan, I couldn't connect my mobile phone to the same WiFi signal it was transmitting. Everyone else could get on with no problem though. That poses a problem with a solution for you, but was thinking about it and what about this: Next time you have to upgrade to a new mobile phone, keep your old one and only use it as a media player. The new phone would serve as the Hot Spot transmitter that your old phone and the Apple TV would connect to...then fire up the smores, and you are good to go!! If your photos/videos are saved under your Photo Stream folder then they are in the iCloud and available on all your registered devices. You may have to purchase iMatch ($25/year) for unlimited storage with large video, music, or photo files though. I got it and its great! Don't be mad at me if it doesn't work, was just a thought. Hope that helps.

    • Answered by Jason D from Houston
    • Jun 13, 2013
  • Not positive, but consider that your phone and the Apple TV need to be connected to the same network. That means you need a Wireless router, which the phone would hook to WiFi, and the ATV could be wired to. Do you normally have a WiFi router camping? Don't see why that wouldn't work, unless there is some setup of the ATV that it needs internet access for. Once on the same network, not reason they shouldn't see each other.

    Seems simpler just to get the right cable for an iPhone 4 and your projector.

    • Answered by Sven J from Colorado Springs
    • Jun 11, 2013