Can we transfer our shows from our old Apple TV to new one? How can we not lose the shows we purchased?

we will upgrade to the new Apple TV receiver. But we may lose all our shows from the old receiver. How can we save them?

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    None of your shows are stored on the Apple TV. Apple TV has no storage. So I presume you are asking about the shows you have purchased through the old Apple TV. These shows are stored centrally at the iTunes Store, and as long as you use the same AppleID to configure your new Apple TV, all your purchased resources (TV shows, Movies, Music, etc.) will be immediately available. Apple TV only streams what is stored elsewhere (iTunes Store or local devices and computers...)

    • Answered by Henry M from Lafayette
    • Jun 13, 2013
  • Your purchased programming is maintained in your iTunes account, not the device itself. It merely provides the means to stream or deliver that content to your television.

    • Answered by Randall D from Albuquerque
    • Jun 15, 2013