can you add apps to apple tv?

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    No but if you have iPad or iPhone etc. You can use airplay to play whatever app you have on there

    • Answered by Patrick B from Orleans
    • Apr 8, 2014
  • Well, so far haven't figured a way to do add APPs
    to the TV.

    You can use Air Play to mirror anything from
    an iPhone, iPad or Macbook screens. It took some fiddling
    but when both devices (Apple TV and Apple device) are on the same WIFI network
    and Bluetooth is 'on' an icon appears at the Mac' top banner.
    Its a rectangle with a small triangle inside. Click on that and 'check' APPLE TV
    to start mirroring. We use it to play back Vimeo, stored
    Movies, hi~res iPhoto slideshows and high~quality Youtubes from the Macbook Pro.
    These are being displayed on a 1080 Samsung TV. Using a MBP
    be sure to turn on Allow Air Play in Yosemite's Preferences (Displays).

    'Mirroring' is a little finnicky and takes some patience.
    It will quickly run down the MBP's battery so its best
    to use plug-in power to the MBP. Since its mirroring .... you
    display anything on your laptop's display. ( Suggest turning down the
    display to 'dark/off' so its not a distraction. )

    The iPhone is also really impressive; again watch the battery power and plug in.
    From the Iphone the choice of Apps are virtually unlimited.
    And an iPhone 6's dislay looks pretty good; sound quality on a
    nice sound system is digital and as good as headphones depending on your setup.
    We love Logitech's 623 sound system. Bon Chance !

    • Answered by Stephen Hale A from Jamaica Plain
    • Apr 6, 2015
  • Even though you can not add apps to apple TV you can add a podcast from the iTunes store to the apple TV. There is a podcast app on apple TV.

    • Answered by Julie R. N from Myrtle Point
    • Mar 28, 2015
  • No

    • Answered by Sandeep D
    • Mar 8, 2015