How does Apple TV work with slow internet connections?

I am really interested in purchasing Apple TV but we have a slow internet connection. Our internet company has a monopoly over our subdivision and we are unable to speed up our connection. I am worried that while streaming TV shows it will constantly be buffering. Can anyone give me any advice on this matter? Thank you!!

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    Nothing works well with a slow internet connection, and the Apple TV is no exception. See if you can download an app from your TV service provider that streams TV shows to your Mac or PC. If your connection can keep up, then the Apple TV will work OK.

    For full 1080p high-definition video, your internet connection probably can't keep up in real time. Instead of pausing and buffering, the Apple TV simply buffers the entire episode or movie. On days when my connection is very slow (~2 Mbps), a two-hour HD movie is ready to watch three hours after I rent it.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • Jul 8, 2013