how does it work?

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    It works by connecting it to your hd TV by an hdmi cable. Then it will pretty much walk you through the steps itself. Make sure home sharing is turned on in the itunes window on your main computer. On the apple tv ,You will have to enter in your wireless network information and register the AppleTV with your wireless network. Then it will update and access iTunes wirelessly. Anything on or in itunes can be accessed ,and you can use apple tv for mirroring your iphone or iPad, too. Just go to settings on the main Apple TV screen and go to airplay and turn it on. Then on your iOS device, choose Apple TV from the airplay menu and turn on mirroring. Then it'll show your device's screen and whatever fills it . other features of apple tv are.. if you have Netflix or a YouTube account, for example, just sign into them and you're good to go. It's really very easy. You just have to use the provided remote to control it and enter information . It's not bluetooth capable. If you have more questions, there will actually be an Apple TV user guide that appears in the iTunes window on your main computer under where it says "advanced", I believe, on the very top of the screen. Hope I gave you a good summary to help answer your question...and the basics of setting it up.

    • Answered by Tina S from West Palm Beach
    • Oct 25, 2012
  • You plug one end of the power cord into the little apple TV box thinge and the other end with the prong into you power outlet. Hopefully into a power surge protector, so to protect your purchase from power surges and such. Then plug one end of a HDMI cable to the apple tv box and then the other end to your HDMI tv. Then by using the remoted, turn your purchase on, and voila! You will have a wonderful viewing experience. I hope this helps just a little. Please enjoy your purchase!

    • Answered by Trisin R from Ely
    • Oct 26, 2012