What's the benefit of Apple TV? I own an iPad and rent, purchase and watch movies with it.

Why buy Apple TV?

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    With Apple Tv you can view the movies and tv shows you rent or purchase through iTunes on your Tv or listen to your music. The apple tv is in HD so it is great quality. You can mirror your ipad onto the apple tv and play games see documents or really do anything you are doing on your Ipad onto your TV

    • Answered by Leah T from Jamberoo
    • Mar 10, 2014
  • An Apple TV will permit you to watch those movies on a larger screen. You can also stream whatever you are watching/doing on your iPad to a television, which is a nice way to enjoy that content with others. If you use an Apple TV, you can watch movies on your television and use your iPad for something else.

    • Answered by Bruce J from Camden
    • Mar 11, 2014
  • The benefit of the Apple TV is that you can see the movie which you rented on you ipad and see it on your tv with wifi AirPlay. It's great.

    • Answered by Irene R from Palm Beach
    • Mar 8, 2015