With Apple TV connected to my HDTV, can I get my Mac to treat the TV screen as an additional display (i.e., not just for mirroring)?

With my HDTV connected to my Mac via an HDMI cable, I can tell my Mac to treat the TV as an additional screen (not just a mirror for what is on my Mac). I can open separate windows on the TV screen that are not displayed on my Mac. I want to know if the Apple TV would let me get rid of the cable from my Mac to my TV, while still being able to treat the TV as an additional display. (I already know I can use it to mirror what is on my Mac.)

1 Answer from the Community

  • Yes, You need to set up airplay, and then in the displays system settings

    System - Display

    Select AirPlay and then uncheck the "mirror displays" box in the bottom left.

    • Answered by Scott B from Reno
    • Jan 13, 2015