1. can i order it with hebrew keyboard online?  2. delivery in hotel?  3.sim free?

2. I have a friend staying in the Luxor hotel in vegas. can i order a mac and you'll deliver it to him?

3. i was told that i can order it online sim free for i am from Israel and i need it to be able to connect the copanies here.

1 Answer from the Community

  • The Apple keyboard does not come with a Hebrew character option. I'm sure there's other alternatives elsewhere online.

    I would highly recommend against delivering the device to a hotel. Items delivered to hotels go missing all of the time. There's an Apple Retail store in Las Vegas. They should have the standard configured machines. If you would like a custom configuration, you can place the order online and have it shipped and held at the Apple Store. If you're confused as to how to do this, you can place the order over the phone at 1800MYAPPLE.

    SIM cards are free, however you will not be able to find a SIM compatible with Israeli service providers here in the States. You will need to look into that back in Israel.

    • Answered by Becca H from Austin
    • May 22, 2013