are all iPad minis capable of making and receiving phone calls or only wi-fi + cellular models?

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    I have an iPad mini 2 and was working on it and received a call from my sister who had a prepaid cell phone. I decided to try to answer it on my wifi only mini2. It rang on both devices with the os8 update. The screen was black with an answer button. She was calling my Verizon iPhone 5 cell phone. I could hear but not see her. I was very surprised it worked.

    • Answered by Barbara R from Plainview
    • Oct 23, 2014
  • The other day when my iPhone 6+ was being charged, I received a call from a friend. I was pleasantly surprised when I could answer the call with my WiFi only iPad mini 2. By the way, both devices were logged in with the same Apple ID & both were on iOS 8.1.2.

    Whether iPad mini was designed for picking up calls made to iPhone, I am not quite sure. Nevertheless, I''m very impressed with it.

    • Answered by Philip A
    • Dec 30, 2014
  • None of the iPads can make or receive traditional cellular telephone calls.

    FaceTime will work with another iPhone or iPad user who has registered with the service.

    You can download apps such as Skype to make or receive calls to traditional phone services but this may cost extra.

    Both of these options will work with Wifi only AND Wifi + Cellular iPads. Wifi coverage is needed on a Wifi only device.

    • Answered by Matthew T
    • Jun 29, 2014