Are there problems Attaching a file to an email? I heard the iPad even the latest one, cannot do it.

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    Yes... it's useless for even basic business purposes. I have iMac for desktop and had MacBook Pro for travelling, all in sync etc. I thought I would replace MBP with iPad, much lighter and easier to travel, additional benefits etc. HOWEVER, you cannot send an email with multiple attachments. For instance if I want to send an email with a letter attached, plus spreadsheet, presentation and pdf, as is common when sending business information, it simply can't be done from iPad. There is no paperclip in Mail on iPad as there is in iMac or MacBook. The only way to email attachments is from the application. I.e. go into photographs and email one from there, or go into Pages and email a letter from there. You can email several items from the same application, but not different categories on one email. Why on earth would Apple omit this basic functionality? I took back my iPad and swapped it for a MacBook Air, which is great. Until the email issue is resolved, the iPad can't be used as a serious business tool, and can only be seen as a play thing for people who want to send the odd email. Also Finder on iPad is required. Plus guest account.

    • Answered by Mark R
    • Oct 29, 2012
  • no there isn't. people always get confused when comes to attachments. if you want to send someone a photo you don't open mail first and then attaché it NO. first you go to the picture in photos or iPhotos. there should be a share bottom above the picture. push share and a menu should come up. one of the things on it is email click on it and pick the person you want to mail it to. that how you attach things to an email on the iPad.

    • Answered by David T from Wilmington
    • Mar 30, 2012
  • Depends on what you are trying to attach? Pictures are easy to attach to email. If you want to send a file that was not sent to you, then you would need to utilize a program like Dropbox to send files inside of the iPad. Depending on what you are trying to send, if its created in iPad, its attachable. For example, you are create a drawing in an app. Inside that app it would allow you to attach the picture to email, or you could snap a screen shot and send it via the picture app. If its in your iPad, its able to be attached and emailed.

    • Answered by Kevin A. S from Fairmont
    • Mar 30, 2012