Can I have two headsets at once?

My wife and I would like to watch a movie together while on a plane. How can we both listen to the audio at the same time?

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    There's an easy solution: an audio splitter jack (also called a headphone splitter) which you can get at most electronic stores or on eBay....very inexpensive. My wife and I listen to music from one of our iPods on long flights. iPads have the same audio jacks. The only disadvantage of the splitter is that there is a unique volume control, not two! We don't use the original earbuds, we use comfortable noise-reducing headphones which cut out 90% of the jet engine noise. Long flights are far more enjoyable.

    • Answered by George C from Quebec
    • Oct 28, 2013
  • If you are willing to spend $20 you can get an adapter in the i pad store that plugs into your device where the headphones go and you can plug, like six other headphones in.

    • Answered by Chocolate G
    • Oct 12, 2013
  • You can purchase a Y adapter that will let you attach two headphones

    • Answered by Marcel D from Carlisle
    • Nov 8, 2013
  • Yes just get a 3.5mm Y adaptor.

    • Answered by Peter T from Northwich
    • Oct 4, 2013
  • There are splitter cables available that let you plug in two headsets. I think Belkin make one, probably others.

    • Answered by Alex H from Ellenbrook
    • Oct 4, 2013
  • You can use a splitter.

    • Answered by Eve M from Scottsdale
    • Mar 7, 2014