Can I play music on my iPad mini through a pa system?

I wish to use backing tracks as an accompaniment to my guitar playing and vocals. Can I use my iPad mini to play these tracks through a pa system or through my acoustic guitar amp?

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    You can, using the iPad's headphone jack. You'll need a cable that converts the 1/8" headphone jack to something that will interface with your system.. adapters exist for all kinds of connections, but a common arrangement would be 1/8" stereo to a pair of 1/4" mono jacks (left and right) or to a pair of RCA jacks (left and right). You can convert it right from 1/8" to XLR, but it's better to use a Direct Input box/device to get a nice, quiet, balanced signal.

    • Answered by Robert L from Calgary
    • Feb 7, 2015