Can I replace my broken laptop with just and iPad? Ie can I a manage my iTunes library and connect to home wifi with just iPad? I have iphone also.

I am happy that in terms of software and apps that just an iPad would meet my needs, as I can access a laptop at work on the rare occasions I need to create files etc. I am also happy that I don't need to access the Internet using iPad anywhere except at home.

However, I'm concerned whether I will be able to manage my iTunes library from an iPad without a main computer, as I also have an iphone and iPod to keep up to date

I also don't know if I can install my home broadband without a main computer - talk talk said to get another main computer when we discovered my laptop has just died, but I'm not clear if that was a recommendation or necessity?

It seems a bit slow if I can't operate with iPad as my main computer devise after all these years, but I'm worried from all the Internet posts asking this question there still seems to be no definitive answer i can find and no one who has actually attempted to do this. :(

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