Can I upload photos from my DSLR camera to an iPad mini ?

I have a Nikon DSLR (Nikon D5100) and i am looking for an easy solution to transfer the numerous photos i click on day to day basis at work to my iPad mini. I would also need a clarification on the possibility of using Eye-Fi ( cards to sync my photos with my iPad mini.

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    You just need a camera connection kit, the memory card slots into a holder, holder into the ipad socket.

    • Answered by Helen M
    • May 28, 2013
  • there is 2 options.!
    - Lightning to USB Camera Adapter With camera cable = 30$
    - Eye-Fi X2 Cards With wifi = start 50$

    • Answered by Nahar A from Montreal
    • Mar 30, 2014
  • I, until recently a Nikon only shooter, have been using a sony nex-6 for traveling to avoid lugging a d800 about. On the sony, which I would believe applicable to Nikon NEF files as we'll I have found the following: if one shoots in RAW only (not RAW +jpg) using the iPad sd card reader you can upload raw files using the original on iPad photo app. HOWEVER, ONCE ON THE IPAD IF YOU MANIPULATE THE RAW FILE (NEF) IN ANY WAY THE IiPAD USES THE JPG IMBEDDED IN THE RAW FILE AND ONCE THAT HAPPENS IT WILL BE UNACCESSABLE AS RAW...ON THE iPAD AGAIN..ONLY THE JPEG. If you have shot raw +jpg the iPad app pulls only the JPEG out of the raw SO THE RAW FILE DOES NOT GET ONTO THE IPAD AT ALL, will not want to delete from your camera's memory card if you want to use the raw files in Photoshop or Lightroom.

    Since I was interested in getting an in-field Back up of my raw files and also playing around a little (crop, exposure etc.) on the iPad , I have been importing raw on to iPad and before doing any other action I transfer the raw to a Seagate Satelite Plus (wirelessly) so I have in field back up of my raw files. The raw file safe on the Satelite Plus, I can mess around with the files on the iPad not concerned that once I open them on the iPad they will be raw never again. So the answer to your question is yes, you can import raw on to the iPad but if you manipulate them, I believe in anyway, they are forever there after access able only as jpgs. Used as a bridge, in my case camera to iPad to Seagate Satelite I can use iPad as that bridge. Once I figured it out I have been pleased by having backups of Raws without having to carry a laptop as well, purpose of the iPad in the first place was, after all was to avoid laptop and that scheme works for me.

    • Answered by Richard S from West Roxbury
    • Apr 10, 2014