Can I use an Ipad like a laptop?

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    If you want to use it for web, it offers applications such as Safari, or Google Chrome (via App store)
    For Word documents, there is Notes or Pages (via App store)
    For videos, there is the iTunes store, or you can sync them from your laptop or PC.
    Games are from the App store
    Editing videos is in it's simplest form with iMovie, and other great apps, however quality and easibility is not as good as a desktop OS

    However, storage is limited to the maximum of 64GB, which if is taken up, then you will have to get used to Web storage (cloud) as that will be the main source of syncing and saving your data with the iPad.

    • Answered by Adam K from Greensborough
    • Dec 25, 2012
  • Well you can do anything you want with YOUR iPad, but it's not a computer... It's an iPad. So you will have limitations to processing, memory, programs, etc. For basic internet, email, games, videos, books.... that is it's purpose. The keypad is overkill IMO unless you are doing a lot of long emails/documents. It's funny how people want their laptops to be tablets (touch screens) and their tablets to be computers (keypads). I will say one thing... there is NO substitute for apple products. They just make sense from the moment you turn then on.

    • Answered by Scott B from Scottsdale
    • Dec 25, 2012