Can my iMini Pad w/Retina 10Watt power adapter be used on the original iPad mini? Conversely, can older 5Watt adapter be used on new Retina Mini?

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    You can use a higher wattage adapter with a lower wattage device. The device being charged will only use as many Watts as it needs. If you use a lower wattage adapter (lower than what a device came with), it will charge more slowly or not at all with the potential problem that it may not put out enough watts to continue to use the device live with it plugged in (the battery will drain down if the power supply doesn't put out enough wattage that the device needs while it's in use—more watts are needed for a device in use than one that is off while charging because the screen is on and the processor(s) use(s) more power when active) so I wouldn't recommend using a 5 Watt adaptor on a newer iPad if that iPad comes with a larger wattage adaptor. In an emergency, a lower power adaptor can sometimes slowly charge a device that requires a higher powered adaptor if the device is powered down. No guarantees though.

    • Answered by Matthew C from Moreno Valley
    • Apr 9, 2014