Can my iPhone 4s provide internet access through wifi connection

I do not want to buy an iPad with 4g wireless service but I do have a iPhone4s and need to know if it can be the link for my iPad to access the internet?

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    This is called tethering and yes your iPhone 4s has this capability built into it (so did the iPhone4). However, The Cell Phone companies (at least both Verizon and ATT) want money to enable this feature on your iPhone and then potentially charge you differently for the data they provide through tethering versus the data you use directly on your iPhone. I say potentially, since Verizon just came out with new shared data plans which may allow you to intermix direct data usage with shared data usage, though I suspect they still charge to enable the tethering feature.

    Short answer: yes you can do it, but check with your cell phone provider on any extra cost to do so.

    • Answered by Mike D from Newark
    • Jul 2, 2012