Can my kindle books read to me when using iPad

I want to use iPad for reading my kindle books. Sometime I use the feature on kindle when the book reads to me. Is this possible on iPad mini

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    I realize I am a little late as this is an old post, but YES... and it will turn the page for you as well! I just realized it could be done and did it today. We own several kindle models, an iPad mini, an iPad 2 and an iPad Air. I like each for various reasons and our kids have preferences for various reasons, too but my favorite feature for kindles was allowing the book to read to me as I like having my hands free at times to do other things. Siri does a pretty good job. I have heard people say Siri reading is monotone but it isn't really anymore monotone than with my Kindle Gen 2 when it read or when my Kindle Fire HD reads. In fact, some words my Kindle Fire HD can't seem to pronounce correctly. LOL.

    Here is how..

    accessibility shortcut-
    make sure VOICE OVER is selected under "triple-click.."

    kindle app -

    your book -

    TRIPLE-CLICK the HOME button

    TWO-FINGER-CLICK the TEXT and slide your fingers down the screen.

    Siri will begin reading to you! :)

    At the end of the page, the page will turn and continue reading the next page without you having to do a thing. I suppose it will finish the entire book for you, if you want to let it.

    When you want to stop, Triple-Click the HOME button again.

    • Answered by Jennifer C T from Leesville
    • Apr 8, 2014
  • I am not familiar with Kindle or its reading features. On an iPad one can turn Accessibility setting on to Speak Selection, adjust the speed of speech, select blocks of text or select all on a single page at a time. (I am listening to an article in the New York Times at the moment on my iPad.) If you don't mind listening to a somewhat monotone Siri-speak. If it can read an entire book page to page, I haven't seen how to do that yet.

    • Answered by Lm L from San Francisco
    • Jan 5, 2014
  • No it cannot. You can instead enable the iPad "Voiceover" feature [Settings>General>Accessibility>Voiceover] which will read from the top of the displayed page [no "whispersync"].

    • Answered by Robert M from Las Vegas
    • Feb 21, 2014