can you order ipad 3

2 Answers from the Community

  • The 3rd generation iPad has been discontinued therefore it is no longer for sale. You could of course find it elsewhere online but most likely used. I would recommend looking at the new range of iPads. They could offer everything you're looking for. If you do not wish to spend a lot then perhaps the iPad Mini is for you. If you want an iPad with a large screen but aren't too bothered about a retina display then perhaps the iPad 2. If you would like a retina display but don't want to spend too much then perhaps waiting for the release of the iPad Mini with Retina Display later this month.

    • Answered by Ryan M
    • Nov 5, 2013
  • Yes and No, you can but a 3rd generation iPad 3 from the refurbished section of the apple online store, but you can't buy it new from the online store or an apple store but some 3rd party options like ebay and amazon might sell new iPad 3's in new but to trust the best in case some of the 3rd party options are a scam go for a refurbished iPad 3 from the apple online store because the have new exteriors and look brand new and cost less the the iPad air

    • Answered by Brighton K from Southport
    • Dec 7, 2013