can you text other people with an ipod touch or just apple users

I heard there is an app that you can get to text other people with the ipod, not just apple users, is that true? Im looking to get this for my 7 year old.

2 Answers from the Community

  • Hi Diane,

    iMessage is built into every Apple device and is the best texting option in my opinion. You can text with anyone who has iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac and you don't require any other app.

    But of course there are many other apps that offer free messaging between multiple platforms (iPhone and Android most often). I personally use WhatsApp on my iPhone and my friend uses the same app on her Android phone. However, these kind of cellular apps are not available for iPods and iPads usually, because it’s not a cellular device.

    There is one free messaging app however that works on all smartphones and iPods – BBM. You should give it a shot.

    • Answered by Blaz S
    • Jan 26, 2014
  • Only if they are connected by wifi, and they can only send imessages. This isn't the same as sending a text message by cellular networks.

    • Answered by Brett W from Wrangell
    • Dec 9, 2012