connecting ipad to overhead projector wirelessly. How can I do this?

I'm a school teacher. I've an Ipad mini on loan. I want to be able to project what I am doing on my ipad through a data projector for my students to see. What do I need to be able to do that?

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    Projectors will not have a wireless adapter to connect the ipad to, so you will need to have an Apple TV ($99) connected via an HDMI cable to the projector. Connect the AppleTV to the same wifi that your ipad is on. On your projector you should be able to see via the HDMI input the AppleTV to set it up if needed. After the AppleTV is connected to the projector and joined to the wireless that your iPad is on, go to your iPad, use a 1 finger swipe up gesture to reveal the AirPlay control. You should see the AirPlay toggle, tap on it to reveal the AppleTV, tap on your AppleTV and swipe the toggle Mirroring. That's it.

    • Answered by Chris M from West Palm Beach
    • Aug 3, 2014