do the ipod touch 4 gen and the Ipad 3 have the same apps ???

Also what is the diffidence b/w ipad & ipod touch

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    Answer 1: No, they don't. There are apps that are bulit only for iPad, for both and iPad can also run apps that are built for iPhone or iPod Touch. Because the iPad is larger, these apps are running on iPad smaller, but below you can see 2x, and if you click on it, the app will become larger.

    Answer 2: iPad was created as tablet PC and the iPod Touch as the multimedia player. The main differencse between these two are that iPad is bigger, it has better processor, it's faster, it has better camera and display. Also, iPad apps are a lot better. For example iWork. There are both made for iPod Touch and iPad but it's clear that it's not so squeezed and it has more space on the iPad.

    • Answered by Bla┼ż S
    • May 25, 2012
  • there is simaler apps on both ipod and ipad so most of the apps that u wil ipod will be on the ipad

    • Answered by Reilly A from Kilmore
    • Nov 30, 2012