Do you have to be connected wirelessly to view apps on the ipad

2 Answers from the Community

  • Not necessarily. If the app has already been downloaded onto your iPad (which you DO need a network connection to download), then it should open. However, if the app itself needs a network connection to function (for example: Facebook, Twitter, etc.), then yes. The app should notify you if you need a network connection in order to continue.

    Apps like Angry Birds and Temple Run (both hit games for the iPad) will work without a connection, but games that use Game Center will not save stats and achievements.

    • Answered by Nicholas G from Fowlerville
    • Aug 2, 2013
  • You have to be connected to WiFi/3G to view the App Store itself. Otherwise, if an app was already downloaded onto the iPad previously and does not require a WiFi connection, then you can view the app.

    • Answered by Aleks V from Pasadena
    • Jun 21, 2012