Do you need a cellular plan to use iPad mini away from a wireless connection? What are all my options to use mini iPad outside of my house?

I asked in the Verizon wireless store how to use my mini iPad outside they mentioned to link it to an iPad or cellular phone since there is no personal hotspot on phone this was not working. We asked to pay for a separate line as well and this was the answer we were given

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    If you have the wifi only model, it doesn't allow for a cellular plan. I have the iPad 4 mini wifi only, so when I am away from wifi, I use the mobile hotspot on my android cell phone which is linked to my iPad. The iPad will use your mobile data from the cellphone. You must have access to wifi to initially set the iPad up to use your mobile hotspot, once you enter the password your cell phone gives you into the iPad, it is now programmed. I have Verizon and my phone does not say personal hotspot, it just says mobile hotspot and it works fine. And also, the phone must be nearby in proximity to the iPad. Don't forget to turn off the hotspot on your phone and iPad when you are not using it or you may run out of data and have overage charges. I hope this anwers your question.

    • Answered by Yalanda L from Houston
    • Jan 12, 2017