does an ipad mini have GPS?

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    I just found out 16 days after purchasing my wifi iPad mini retina that it does not have a GPS receiver. I had no need of the GPS function until today. Of course return policy is 14 days. If you click on "compare models" at the top of this forum you will find that Apple does not say anything about GPS. If I had known I would have paid the extra price for the 4G model. The only reason I bought it was to run ForeFlight. Now I'm stuck with a very nice appliance that has almost no value to me. Apple really needs to put this CRITICAL piece of information in their "compare models" page so other customers don't get ripped off like me.

    • Answered by Steve R from Colorado Springs
    • Sep 21, 2014
  • Only the 4G version has GPS. GPS is necessary to use a mapping application. Things like WiFi triangulation are not reliable enough to navigate with.

    • Answered by Don M from Arlington
    • Oct 2, 2013