Does IPAD MINI with retina display Wifi + cellular works in Egypt?

I want to connect the internet throgh the local Mobile network in Egypt. which Mobile network should I contract in the US, so that I can replace it with one of our local Mobile network in Egypt.

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    Yes, you can - advise would be to buy the iPad from Apple directly as it seems it is unlocked for all carriers. Though if you buy an iPad like att, verizon, etc direct stores it is not unlocked and stuck with that carrier even though they provide you a lower price to bring you in.

    I have puchased an iPad Mini 3 with fingerprint with cellular and it was $100 bucks cheaper. But when i canceled the service and went to tmobile same gsm carrier it would not work had to get it unlocked from att and it was a pain.

    So now i buy my items directly with apple as i have a choice and can go with any carrier, plus in the us and international.

    • Answered by Daniel F from Chicago
    • Dec 4, 2014