Does the iPad Mini come with iMovie, like for free?

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  • You may find the answer to your question on the website itself. Sorry, I'm not allowed to cut and paste the link; it is seen as inappropriate text.

    Apps were not built in but I saw somewhere that it was free for download if purchased within certain dates.
    I recently purchased an iPad mini and am loving it... I got the 16GB, and there are so many apps out there you will want that the memory space will limit you. I'd suggest buying something bigger as it will not allow external memory space... That's my only disappointment. Also, there are some built in apps you may not uninstall which is a bummer cause I do not even use them. Could really use the space for something else.

    I hope my blabber helps.

    • Answered by Autumn B from Provo
    • Jan 4, 2014