GPS new iPad.Apart from the assisted GPS using3/4G is there any difference in the GPS between the wifi only and 3/4 G model? like Glonass etc?

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  • GPS with "WiFi" uses WiFi networks to accelerate getting the user's location because WiFi networks will tell it where to start. Ditto for using the cellular network tower triangulation. Which ever is used shouldn't have a bearing on accuracy because final coordinate accuracy is provided by GPS calculations, not info from WiFi or cell towers. That info is just a crude location reference that the phone can use to quickly decide which GPS satellite signals to look for to get the precise location of the phone more quickly. In a hand-held dedicated GPS, it would be the equivalent of telling the GPS which state or country you are in before it starts looking for satellites so it can more quickly obtain your location with a general starting point of reference.

    Most new iPads and iPhones support Glonass, but its accuracy is less than that of regular GPS. It is used as a fall-back or supplemental data source for when US GPS satellite data may not be available, if too many GPS satellites are out of view or blocked by trees to get accurate location calculations when Glonass satellites are visible, or if selective accuracy is turned off for any reason by the US military which would make Glonass data more accurate at that point in time.

    • Answered by Matthew C from Moreno Valley
    • Apr 9, 2014