High school student going to school online. Best programs for documents and storage?

I am currently attending an all virtual high school and ALL of my courses and schoolwork are online. I needed a new machine to do schoolwork on so I was given an iPad. I have complete faith in Mac products and was a bit disconcerted when I found there were some natural limitations between the school website and apple's systems(i think). So I got puffin as my browser because it can get past the adobe flash player limitations but I am wondering if there is something better because puffin doesn't seem to get past all of the limits my school website requires to run properly. It is ok-ish for now but there has to be something better right? As for word docs. I have Documents2 which I am not so jazzed about because the storage is a little weird and the options for editing and creating docs don't really fit my needs, so I need to find something better. Also, I do a lot of downloading of documents that my teachers send me from online through the school's website but I can't seem to save or download the documents that I need to look at! I have heard of Dropbox and iCloud but I wasn't sure if these we very reliable. This is only my second apple product( I have had an iPhone for about 3 weeks) and I am COMPLETELY clueless. Please help me!

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