how do it tell if my iPad mini has GPS

I have MD540LL/A model, S/N F4KKG0V2F19J - I would like to purchase a Navionics app for use in Turkey without WiFi. I am told that if it has an internal GPS, like my iPhone that it will work. How do I tell before I spend the bucks on the app.

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    Only the cellular models have GPS. So if your iPad mini has cellular, then you're set.

    • Answered by A H from Fond Du Lac
    • Apr 24, 2014
  • CHECK with your seller!!! It is so confusing! My understanding is that it does have GPS capability IF it has cellular ... you don't have to activate cellular, but you DO have to have it. Check THOROUGHLY before you buy. We have been hosed by not doing so!

    • Answered by Lynda T from Dunlap
    • Dec 15, 2014