How do you clean the Screen

Dirty screen smudges

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  • The screen is made from glass just like a TV screen or a window. You should be able to tell if it is by the feel, which is slightly cool to the touch, make sure you remove any plastic protective film. If it is glass you can use just about any cleaning spray which does not contain alkalis as these attack glass and will damage it. Also anything containing fluoride like toothpaste is to be avoided, since toothpaste is sometimes alkaline. I use flash cleaning spray with febreze and this is pretty universal for all all electronic products, you can also use any cleaning spray with antistatic properties as static is harmful to computer type products. Avoid serious industrial solvents as these damage plastics, although alcohol (IPA) is very useful as is good old lighter fuel.

    • Answered by John H
    • Sep 11, 2014