how to put apps, pictures, music from 2 itune accounts on to 1 ipad

my partner and i bought an ipad air, and are wondering if u can or how to sync apps,(navionics, magazine subscriptions, gopro) music pictures from our own itunes accounts, into one ipad?? we don't need phone contacts or text messages synced to it. we have one email address between us. any help would much appreciated ,

1 Answer from the Community

  • I know music wise it might be tricky, but you can put apps you can do pretty easy. Just sign into one ID, download the apps from the purchased section of the apps store, then sign out and repeat with the other ID. Music wise, I think as long as the accounts for iTunes are in the same computer, you should be able to do the same thing. Not positive though.

    • Answered by Deana R from Frederick
    • Dec 25, 2014