I am a realtor, is an iPad better than a laptop?

I've been told that a person can write up a contract and have their clients sign them without printing them out. I'm just curious how true it all it.

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    I am a Realtor in the Orlando area. My wonderful husband got me an ipad II thinking it would help me run my business. Here are the issues I run into:
    1. my mls does not run on the ipad (yet they are saying they will have an app later in the year) Alternate apps ie Kurio do not have ipad app only iphone app and it does not show - showing instructions....duuh I need showing instructions.
    2. Forms online gold or transaction desk does not run on it.
    3. I do REOs and need to use the Equator platform for those - I can open it but can not upload documents... ie when you need to "browse" to upload a document - it wont do it.
    4. Whenever I go to a website that requires uploading a document or picture where you have to "browse" I can not do it. Ie: last night I was signing up for the NAR Lowes program I could not upload my picture and logo. If you have any other questions feel free to email me ElizabethMeyer at NextageRealty-dot com

    • Answered by Michael A from Casselberry
    • Apr 5, 2012
  • It depends on what you're going to use it for; however, the iPad is so portable and easy to use, you can store everything on it - like addresses, phone numbers, pdf copies of your listings etc. iIt is a wonderful little machine and quite frankly, I use my iPhones and iPad much more than my notebook or iMac. I'm constantly on the iPhones and iPad! It's a great buy - no matter which version you get.

    • Answered by Jacqueline G from Salisbury
    • Mar 30, 2012