I am a special education teacher who wants an iPad 3 for the PRIMARY device at WORK & HOME. How many GB are suggested?

For work: I will have various educational, augmentative communication, record-keeping, etc. apps (not sure how much space these will take up.) I will be using the iPad as my primary piece of technology (home & work) and would like to have access to the almost 50GB of photos, videos, and numerous documents I have already created and use daily on my laptop (without having to carry my laptop around from school to school/back & forth home daily.) I would also need apps that allow me to view and edit Word, Excel, Power Point, & PDF documents, as well as possibly a way to hold video meetings.

For home: Photos, videos, web surfing, streaming shows (i.e., Google TV, Netflix) & gaming will be the primary purpose (& school work I do at home-above.) Our family has a wide-variety of interests in games/apps and some may require more space or have higher-end graphics - not sure.

Will the above factors make a difference in the GB I need??


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    Hi Angela. First, and most important, I would make sure, since this is your primary device, that it will do all the things you want/need it to do vs. having a Macbook Air, Macbook Pro. If you are requiring 50GB just for photos, and describing all the additional information you will want to put on it, you will be pretty close to the largest IPAD3 available @ 64gb.

    You may want to consider more than one device, as having everyone attempting to use (1) IPAD for everything you describe above will be a challenge. Someone will not be happy pretty much around the clock, and you will have problems trying to get your work done if someone else wants it for something else.

    Take a look at finances, narrow down even more what content you want and who will be using it? (3) 16GB IPADS may be a better solution, or bump up to a 32gb or 64 gb?

    I would stick with a notebook, however, if you are going to have that many photos.

    Good luck.

    • Answered by Michael G from Minnetonka
    • May 29, 2012