I am a special education teacher who wants an iPad 3 for the PRIMARY device at WORK & HOME. How many GB are suggested?

For work: I will have various educational, augmentative communication, record-keeping, etc. apps (not sure how much space these will take up.) I will be using the iPad as my primary piece of technology (home & work) and would like to have access to the almost 50GB of photos, videos, and numerous documents I have already created and use daily on my laptop (without having to carry my laptop around from school to school/back & forth home daily.) I would also need apps that allow me to view and edit Word, Excel, Power Point, & PDF documents, as well as possibly a way to hold video meetings.

For home: Photos, videos, web surfing, streaming shows (i.e., Google TV, Netflix) & gaming will be the primary purpose (& school work I do at home-above.) Our family has a wide-variety of interests in games/apps and some may require more space or have higher-end graphics - not sure.

Will the above factors make a difference in the GB I need??


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