i have the FIFIa 13 app on my Ipad. i want to remove it from the Ipad but still keep access when I want it on my computer( (not a Mac)

Having paid for the Fifa 13 app, I don't want to lose it! BUT I want to restrict access and have it under my control (a passionate football mad 8 year old grandson!) How do I do the above?

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  • You can enable restrictions on apps, or delete it. You can redownload for free any purchased app (assuming it is still available on the App Store) if you do this, I recommend disabling the App Store under settings--> general--->restrictions you can disable downloading, deleting, and in app purchases. To download or delete just enter in the 4 digit pass code to allow you to access restrictions and turn the setting off.

    • Answered by Joseph M from Oconomowoc
    • Oct 29, 2013