I will use the iPad on WiFi mostly for TV & books; is it worth it to buy the 3 at the higher cost? The refurbished 2 seems ok & is cheaper.

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  • The New iPad has many great features that the iPad 2 does not. You said you would be mostly using the device, for book reading and TV. Though the iPad 2 does have a superb screen for its class in technology, both of the activities that you said you wanted to do, are mainly screen relying. You might get by with an iPad 2, but why not be wowed by that stunning Retina Quality screen display on the New iPad. And if the screen alone doesn't do it for you, think about new features such as Voice Dictation, and a high quality camera that you might get on the New iPad.

    • Answered by David H from New Virginia
    • Apr 7, 2012