IF I buy Ipad in america it will be ok also in Europe?

I just bought the New Ipad in New-york
I wanted to know , when I will arrive in other states (Europe)
will it go without problems?
Sould i do something in the configurations?
Thank you.


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    It depends on which Ipad, and what you plan to do with it. The recharger will work fine in Europe, but you'll have to buy an adapter so the blade type American plug will work in the pin type European plugs. The transformer itself will work, no problem. Apple also sells a travel adapter if you want to go that route. The Wifi iPads work fine (I've used them without any problems). The Cellular-enabled iPads work in most international cellular systems, but it will depend upon the country. I had no problems in Europe, but in North Africa (Morocco) I had problems. Not sure what caused the problems. I just switched to wifi and everything worked fine.

    • Answered by Stephen T from Novato
    • Jun 8, 2012